We offers top quality service for all industrial pump issues. We take pride in assuring that each product will perform at your system's maximum requirements and optimum efficiency. View our line card or Product and Manufacturer List for more information.

Welcome To Barish Pump Company

Barish Pump is an authorized independent distributor of industrial pumps offered by renowned companies like Wilden Pump, Crane Pumps and Systems, CAT Pumps, Micropump and more. We provide cost-effective solutions through pump customization for our customers by configuring practical replacement and upgrades for each client's industrial pump operation. Our number one priority is to reduce client operating costs while increasing system efficiency through precise engineered solutions.

Barish Pump prides itself on a foundation of quality products, full service and a dedicated commitment to customer satisfaction. The Barish Pump team is always ready to help with every aspect of industrial pump system planning and implementation. Whether a general maintenance issue or a complete system overhaul, our technicians can work on your site or in our shop to provide quality and timely service. More





Barish Pump specializes in optimal pump solutions for any specific need. We will review your current operation and provide a plan to increase or correct any operational issue you have.