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About Us

Servicing The Pump Industry For Over 55 Years

Barish Pump Company, Inc., is a privately held corporation located in Farmingdale, New York that was started in 1944 and incorporated in 1952 in the State of New York. As a corporation we are proud to state that we are in our 58th year in the Pumping Machinery supply business and remain experienced in designing and building custom fabricated packages, pump systems, and more. Barish Pump provides answers to all of your fluid and air flow needs. We are a premier supplier of pumps, after-market parts and other services in the Unites States. With experienced sales and exceptional service along with a large local inventory, our distribution of various pump principles allows us to keep our focus of helping many different market requirements with "Pump Flo Solutions".

Pump Customization to Provide Business Solutions

We serve the Local, National and International customer base with accurate engineered "Pump-Flo Solutions". Barish Pump Company provides the very best pump principles by customizing pumps to be used on and against the specifications for every pump application involved. Fifty five years of history and know how goes into each selection. We work individually with clients to meet the specific requirements of any given installation.

Barish Pump Company, Inc., maintains a complete machine shop facility with ability to customize and package various pump systems with:

  • Electric motor drives (both AC and DC)
  • Gasoline engine drives
  • Diesel engine drives
  • Hydraulic motor system drives
  • AC Variable Frequency Drive
  • Inverter Drive Auto/Manual controls with matching AC capable motors
  • DC SCR Drive Auto/Manual controls with matching DC SCR motors

Also available and supplied are many varied standard and special electric control panels, float level controls, etc.

Barish Pump Company can also help with an analysis of your current system. We have the expertise to conduct an evaluation of your entire facility to assist you in utilizing your pump system cost more effectively. Let our trained engineers create a picture of how your pump system operates and assemble a list of recommendations geared toward improving its performance.

At Barish Pump Company, we provide all "Pump Flo Solutions".

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